Guardian Battery Backup

  • Add the Battery Backup to your existing Guardian Valve Controller.

  • Power your system for up to twelve hours with no electricity.

  • Protect your home from water damage during power outages.

  • Battery Backup spec sheet.

What's Included:

Minimum Requirements:

  • Guardian Valve Controller

  • WiFi with internet access (for remote battery status and notifications only)


Add the Guardian Backup Battery to your Leak Prevention System to protect your home from water damage during power outages. Simply slide the battery unit into the rear of the Valve Controller, and your system will be powered for up to twelve hours without electricity.  

About Guardian: Save yourself thousands of dollars in water damage by using the Guardian Leak Prevention System Plus. Whether you’re worried about a broken washing machine, an overflowing sump pump, or a leaking water heater, Guardian has your back! Install the Guardian Valve Controller (sold separately) over your existing metal quarter turn ball valve (from ½” - 1.25”) in minutes without any tools or pipe cutting, and place the Guardian Leak Detectors (also sold separately,) near appliances and fixtures that might leak. The moment the Leak Detectors sense water, extreme cold, or an earthquake, they will automatically shut off your water main to prevent further damage, and you will receive a notification on your phone via the Guardian app.