Get $100 - $300 Annual Discount Off Your Home Owners Insurance Policy for Installing Guardian!

Contact your insurance provider for discounts and incentives options!
*Many insurance providers offer discounts and incentives on water mitigation systems. The Guardian Leak Prevention System, on average, pays for itself  in two years. Discounts will continuously be applied for the life time of the product. Should your provider not offer discounts or incentives, visit our website for providers who participate.


The ROI is strong with this one

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“Super easy to set up. No plumber. Super easy to use. I now sleep better after just t covering from $40k of damage (plus lots of life disruption) caused by a $6 part that failed (braided intake line to dishwasher).”


“This is a world class product and will set the bar for leak alert and damage prevention. From the efficient packaging to the flawless and simple set up, I’m sleeping better knowing the Guardian is installed and operating.”


“Amazing product. Easy installation. Works as described and is worth every dime considering the damage a plumbing failure can cause (bought after experiencing one). I definitely plan to get more sensors and the controller unit back up battery once they are available.”


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