"This will remain the land of the free so long as it is the home of the brave."

-- Elmer Davis 



The Guardian family appreciates our freedoms and liberties. We think our vets and active military personnel are some of the bravest people ever! We can not thank you enough for your service, dedication, and sacrifices.


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FREE Battery

Add Battery Backup to your existing Guardian Leak Prevention System with proof of service.

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Complete System

Get the Leak Prevention System Plus + a FREE Battery Backup with proof of service.

  • Install in minutes and never worry about water damage again. Guardian will automatically close your water main when Leak Detectors sense leaks (up to 1000' away line of sight with 15-year battery), freezing temperatures, or earthquakes. Use the iOS & Android app, with no monthly service fees, to monitor and control your system from anywhere in the world.

  • Valve Controller easily installs over existing quarter-turn metal ball valve from ½" - 1" without any tools. For Indoor use only!

  • Add the Battery Backup to your existing Guardian Valve Controller

  • Power your system for up to twelve hours with no electricity

  • Protect your home from water damage during power outages


What is Guardian?


Guardian is a water damage prevention system that monitors your home to prevent the costly effects associated with water damage. A fully autonomous and easy-to-install Valve Controller connects directly to your existing water main and communicates with leak detectors throughout your home. These work together to take action, shutting off your water at the first sign of a leak, flood, or earthquake, to limit the potentially devastating impact on your home and wallet. And for added accessibility, the system can be monitored and controlled via the Guardian app. Guardian requires no tools, no plumber, and no pipe cutting – simply Install, Connect, and Protect 


 Control your water main from anywhere in the world!

Protect your family and home from potential water damage via your smart device and enjoy peace-of-mind protection.


Homeowner Approved

Read about Guardian from their point-of-view.

I recently had a toilet leak (of course in the Master Bath on the top level) in an empty rental property. Estimate was it ran for about 1-2 days and it destroyed the ENTIRE house. Six figures $$ of damage. Luckily insurance company is looking like they will take care of everything. However, while it's a hassle for this situation at least the house was empty. I couldn't imagine if this happened in the home I live in with all of my stuff being affected and then needing to live somewhere temporarily while the house is rebuilt. (Estimate on rebuild is about 6 months).

So I went looking for a 'water sensor' and found this. I had it set up in a little over an hour. It really is about as easy as setting up a new app on your phone and pairing it with a set of bluetooth headphones. Would have been shorter, but I had to keep signing out of the app when I wanted to add a new sensor for some reason. No biggie once I figured out that hack. They probably have it fixed by now.

I show people the video and say "It's a ROBOT that shuts off your water!" How cool is that? Some people say, yea, maybe I'll shut off my water when I go away for the weekend. To which I reply, what if would happen moments after you leave for work that day? Imagine going into your upstairs bathroom. Pull the plug on your sink then turn on the faucet and walk away. Now imagine driving to work, having meetings, a lunch, drive home etc. and the water is running the WHOLE time. Imagine how much damage that would do. This thing shuts it off in like 5 seconds. No kidding.

I have now purchased two more whole complete sets for my other 2 rental properties. Just need to go and get them installed. If you're waffling; don't. Do it now!


The Guardian Mission

Guardian is committed to reducing the devastating and costly effects water damage can have on residential and commercial properties around the world. By creating innovative devices and systems that put the power of regulating water flow into the hands of property owners, we empower our clients to truly own their homes and businesses as well as create lasting peace-of-mind security.