Peace of Mind


Honey, did you remember to turn off the water?

Finally some time off. You and your wife are driving east through the beautiful Northwest heading to Glacier National Park for some hiking, exploration and relaxation. You are about two hours into your journey and the tranquility creeping  over your senses as you drive was shattered like broken glass when you wife mentions, almost as an afterthought, “honey, did you remember to turn off the water?” Wham! You instantly go through a variety of reactions – first, you are irritated that she shook you out of your peace-of-mind; then you realize oops, you did forget to turn off the water; and finally you remember your neighbor last year who left on a six month sabbatical in Europe only to return and discover the interior of her home was practically destroyed by a slow drip-drip leak that went undetected for the duration she was gone.