Guardian Leak Prevention System becomes Official Partners with Simply Controlled, Canada


Simply Controlled is a manufacturers representative and distribution company in the consumer electronics and custom electronics industry in Canada and as of May 1, 2018, is the Master Distributor for Guardian in Canada.  

40% of all home insurance claims in Canada are due to water damage. The cost of water damage claims continue to rise every year, with insurers paying out an average of $111 million in property water damage claims annually.

Guardian by Elexa Consumer Products ( aims to change that. The system installs without tools in less than five minutes, is a completely standalone system, avoiding the need for any additional equipment, and still protects your home without internet connectivity. 


Jason Simms, CEO of Simply Controlled, a long time advocate of Elexa Consumer Products states that he is "very excited about the partnership. The potential behind the Guardian brand is limitless and can provide peace-of-mind for Canadian homeowners and businesses. Canadians (like Chicagoans,) are all too familiar with the costs of water damage, so I believe we can help thousands of people with this partnership".  

Guardian Leak Prevention System Pro

Guardian Leak Prevention System Pro

Elexa Consumer Products developed Guardian Automatic Leak Prevention System to aid homeowners and property insurance carriers in their goal to reduce the frequency and cost of water damage. Guardian is the first ever DIY solution that not only detects and alerts homeowners of potential water damage but will automatically shut off the water main, thus preventing property loss and homeowner headaches in the United States and also in Canada!


About Elexa Consumer Products

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Elexa Consumer Products designs and manufactures high-tech electrical components used by some of the most prestigious Fortune 500 companies around the world, including Google, Apple, Honeywell, Nintendo, and Bosch. The Dome Home Automation brand, a subsidiary of Elexa Consumer Products, offers high quality Z-Wave home automation products at affordable prices. From door sensors to water leak detectors, these wireless products make it simple for homeowners and businesses to install and use smart devices. Attention to detail, top-rated components, and top-notch engineering make Dome Home Automation products the smart choice for integrators and end users alike. 

About Simply Controlled

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Simply Controlled is a manufacturers representative and distribution company in the consumer electronics and custom electronics industry, specializing in audio/ video/ security/lighting and automation technologies.

With 23 years of experience in the fields of business management, sales training and technology as a Consumer Electronics and Custom Design Integrator.

Simply Controlled proudly represents category-leading brands in the Residential and Commercial Entertainment & Automation Industry.

CEDIA Certified Instructor for Continued Education for Cedia Members, Builders, Designers and Architects.


For more information about water damage mitigation or Guardian Automatic Water Leak Prevention System, visit the Guardian Explore page.