Insurance Series: #1 - "Honey, did you remember to turn off the water?"

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Finally some time off. You and your wife are driving east through the beautiful Northwest heading to Glacier National Park for some hiking, exploration, and relaxation. You are about two hours into your journey and the tranquility creeping  over your senses as you drive is shattered like broken glass when you wife mentions, almost as an afterthought, “honey, did you remember to turn off the water?” Wham! You instantly go through a variety of reactions – first, you are irritated that she shook you out of your peace-of-mind; then you realize oops, you did forget to turn off the water; and finally you remember your neighbor last year who left on a six month sabbatical in Europe only to return and discover the interior of her home was practically destroyed by a slow drip-drip leak that went undetected for the duration she was gone.

“I didn’t turn off the water,” you reply. Your wife turns to you with a look that says “SERIOUSLY!? Don’t you remember what happened last year next door”? She then says, “Well, what should we do?” You decide not to remind your wife that you forgot to install the Guardian Leak Prevention Kit that was on your "Honey To-Do" list. 
Here are your three immediate options:

  1. Call the neighbor who has your house key and asks them to check on the house and shut off the water, but, then you remember, they are out of town for a couple of days – drip-drip-drip.
  2. Turn the car around and check it yourself, but then that would mean you would end up losing a day of vacation drip-drip-drip.
  3. Do nothing, but if there is a leak, you can take comfort in that fact that your homeowner's policy includes water damage (but you can’t remember your deductible – was it $2000?).

What do you think our frustrated travelers should do to restore their peace-of-mind? Let us know in the reply section below.

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By the way – did you know over 14,000 water damage claims are filed with insurance providers each day the US. The average cost of restoration is about $12,000 resulting in billions of dollars paid out each year by insurance companies, not to mention the hassle of the whole claim process, and dealing with restoration including temporary relocation. Statistics in the US show that one out of every ten homeowners will have a major water damage event at least once every ten years. Has your number been called up yet? Share any experiences you have had with water damage. Let us know in the reply section below.

As mentioned earlier, the best option would have been if the travelers installed an automatic leak detection system that actually turns off the water main when a potentially damaging water leak is detected. Guardian by Elexa is such a system and is endorsed by a number of insurance providers. Guardian is a true do-it-yourself solution that does not require any tools for installation and is retrofittable on the vast majority of water main valves for homes and small businesses. Guardian by Elexa is a smart product that keeps you constantly connected to your home or cabin through WiFi and unique radio technologies that does what you would do if you were home – shut off the water main, not disrupt your peace-of-mind.

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