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Guardian monitors your home to prevent the costly effects of water damage. A fully autonomous and easy-to-install Valve Controller connects directly to your existing water main and communicates with leak detectors throughout your home. These work together to take action, shutting off your water at the first sign of a leak, flood, or earthquake, to limit the potentially devastating impact on your home and wallet. And for added accessibility, the system can be monitored and controlled via the Guardian app. Guardian requires no tools, no plumber, and no pipe cutting – simply Install, Connect, and Protect.

The Guardian Mission

Guardian is committed to reducing the devastating and costly effects water damage can have on residential and commercial properties around the world. By creating innovative devices and systems that put the power of regulating water flow into the hands of property owners, we empower our clients to truly own their homes and businesses as well as create lasting peace-of-mind security. 

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What Nest did for climate control, Guardian will do for water damage prevention. This standalone system not only provides convenience but also peace of mind for a very real and often financially devastating problem: water damage.
— Matthew Cwiokowski, CTO at Elexa Consumer Products Inc.

This is a world class product and will set the bar for leak alert and damage prevention. From the efficient packaging to the flawless and simple set up, I’m sleeping better knowing the Guardian is installed and operating.
Amazing product. Easy installation. Works as described and is worth every dime considering the damage a plumbing failure can cause (bought after experiencing one). I definitely plan to get more sensors and the controller unit back up battery once they are available.
Super easy to set up. No plumber. Super easy to use. I now sleep better after just t covering from $40k of damage (plus lots of life disruption) caused by a $6 part that failed (braided intake line to dishwasher).


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Product Images

High-resolution images of Guardian devices. 


  • Valve Controller
  • Leak Detector
  • Remote Sensor Probe
  • Battery Backup

Mobile Screenshots

High-resolution images of Guardian mobile app interface. 


  • iOS Screenshots
  • Android Screenshots
  • All Good Screen
  • Leak Detected Screen
  • Report Log Screen
  • Setup Screens

Spec Sheets

In-depth PDFs with product specifications


  • Valve Controller
  • Leak Detector
  • Remote Sensor Probe
  • Battery Backup


Official, high-resolution branded logos in SVG and EPS formats.


  • Guardrian by Elexa 
  • Elexa Consumer Products

Environment Product Images

High-resolution images of Guardian product installed. 


  • Valve Controller on a copper water main
  • Leak Detector: Behind toilet
  • Leak Detector: Next to water heater
  • Leak Detector: Combined with Remote Sensor Probe
  • Battery Backup being installed into the Valve Controller

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