I protect homes from water damage.


More people suffer from water damage than fire and theft combined with more than 14,000 water damage claims a day.


Guardian is a system of Leak Detectors and a Valve Controller that work together to detect leaks and shut off your water automatically, preventing further damage. Guardian installs with no tools and no pipe cutting – simply install, connect, and protect.


Valve Controller

Installs within minutes over your existing valve without tools. Automatically shuts off the water during leaks, to avoid catastrophic damage.


Leak Detector

Detects a leak or flood at the first drop and will notify you and take immediate action so a small leak doesn't turn into a complete disaster.


Your Home with the App

Allows you to monitor your home, remotely shut off the water, and receive alerts for earthquakes, flash floods, or plumbing failures.


Keep Water Damage Away

Guardian is yours for only $0.05 a day! Average ROI is 2 years and the lifespan is 15. This is the best investment for your biggest investment.


Guardian Features


Completely Standalone

The Leak Detectors communicate directly with the Valve Controller, avoiding the need for hubs or other useless hardware.

Extreme Longe Range

Extreme Long Range

Leak Detectors can be placed up to 1000' away from the Valve Controller, that's more than an entire city block.

Self Tests

Routine Self Tests

The Valve Controller will regularly check your valve to make sure it's not blocked during an emergency.

No Tools Required

No Tools Required

Guardian installs without any tools – configuration usually takes under ten minutes.

Offline Functionality

Offline Functionality

Guardian will protect your home without internet connectivity. The internet is only required for initial setup, off-site control and notifications.

Battery Backup

Battery Backup

An optional battery backup powers the Valve Controller for an extra twelve hours to protect your home during power outages.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will Guardian work on my plumbing?

Guardian is compatible with any copper, PEX, or PVC based plumbing system sized ½” to 1.25”, as long as the water main is a brass quarter-turn ball valve with a handle. It can even be installed vertically, upside down, or in any other direction.

Will Guardian work with a well pump and pressure tank?

Yes! You can use Guardian to make sure your well system does not flood your home. All you need is a ½” - 1” brass quarter-turn ball valve somewhere in the plumbing line, preferably close to the origin of the water line. Generally, a valve immediately after the pressure tank makes sense. This is because shutting off the supply here will stop water flow sooner than if the valve was before the tank, since the water in the tank won’t have to empty before the water shuts off.

Can Guardian help prevent damage from floods and other natural disasters?

Yes! Tactically placed Leak Detectors near doors, windows, sump pumps, and drains in your basement will alert you the moment water enters your home, so you can make sure your property is safe from damage.

Can I use multiple Valve Controllers to control other parts of my home, for example the water heater or sprinkler system?

As of now, you can only use one Valve Controller with each account, to control your water main. We will update the app in the upcoming months to allow for multiple Valve Controllers in one property.

What type of battery does the Leak Detector use, and can I replace them myself?

The Leak Detectors use a 3.6 volt A-size battery. They last for fifteen years, and will be available for purchase from us.

What happens if I lose electricity?

The Guardian Valve Controller has an optional battery backup to power your system for up to twelve hours without electricity, and since the Leak Detectors are already battery powered, you will be protected during power outages.

What happens if I lose Wi-Fi connectivity?

Wi-Fi is only required during initial setup and for remote notifications or control. So, if your Wi-Fi goes down during a leak, Guardian will still shut off your water to prevent further damage.

What type of battery does the Valve Controller use as a backup?

The Valve Controller uses a proprietary battery pack as a backup power source. They are now available for purchase!

How many Leak Detectors can I use in my system?

Right now, you can add up to 100 sensors into your system, but we’re expanding that number in the next few months.

Can I control gas lines with Guardian?

While it’s possible to control ball valves in gas lines with Guardian, it is generally not advised, since the Guardian uses a “brushed” motor that generates small sparks during operation. It’s best to keep this away from combustible gases, since it can act as a source of ignition.

Does Guardian integrate with my Wink/SmartThings/Alexa/Google Home/other Home Automation systems?

Right now, Guardian is only usable as a standalone product. However, we love home automation ourselves, and are already working on integrating into all common home automation platforms as we speak We will also release an API to control Guardian from your custom built systems.

Do I need Wi-Fi to use Guardian?

Wi-Fi is only needed during initial setup, and also to control the Valve Controller and receive notifications while away from home. After setup, Guardian will still shut off your water during leaks without Wi-Fi connectivity.

Can Guardian monitor both my home and my business/second home?

As of now, you will have to use multiple email addresses to monitor multiple locations, since each Guardian account can only manage a single location. A planned update will let you monitor multiple locations using the same account in the upcoming months.

I’m still not sure if Guardian is right for me. Can I talk to someone to clear up some more questions?

Of course! Feel free to contact us at support@getguardian.com or call us at 800-436-1984.

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Save on your insurance premiums!

You may be eligible for a rebate or discount on your homeowner’s insurance policy for having Guardian. Confirm with your carrier before purchasing. Incentives vary by state.


Water damage is unpredictable, unbiased, and extremely costly.

It is also preventable!


Let's Stop Water Damage together.


Guardian Leak Prevention System Plus


What's Included:

  • 1 Valve Controller

  • 3 Leak Detectors

  • 2 Remote Sensor Probes

  • AC adapter with 10’ cord

  • Setup Guide

  • 1 Year Limited Warranty